Public Health Testing

The COMPLETE Solution from PoC to Reporting and Analytics

Labs - Now you can manage your COVID testing data effectively - AND offer clients a complete registration-to-reporting solution!

Find out how COVIDLiMS for Public Health meets all
your data collection and management needs

Onsite/Online Registration

Onsite/Online Registration

Find out how to manage patient registration, data and reporting.

Fast, Error-Free Processing

Fast, Error-Free Processing

See how components work together, automating and maximizing TAT and reliability.

Deploy in 1-3 Weeks

Deploy in 1-3 Weeks

Unprecedented fast rollout means you can target and test hotspots quickly and effectively.

Real World Programs for All Scenarios

In a pandemic, public health testing takes on a variety of forms, some of which are still being defined during the current COVID-19 crisis and its related health issues. COVIDLiMS for Public Health is flexible enough to handle any program.


Many county public health departments have partnered with university labs to help with the increased testing load, and we’re already helping those programs.

Drive-In Testing

Quick setup in parking decks or other drive-in specimen collection locations is fully supported, with error-free, HIPAA-compliant patient and sample data collection.


COVIDLiMS can interface directly with EHRs/EMRs and provides a physician portal for secure, swift submission, accessioning, analysis and reporting.


As states and counties identify and target specific communities and facilities where hotspots develop, COVIDLiMS helps them deploy rapidly.

Customer Testimonials

You don’t have to take it from us. Our COVIDLiMS customers have nothing but great things to say:

“Tested around 10,000 people in 8 days.”

“Great collaboration. LabLynx is trustworthy.”

“Making history!”

“Level of transformation and pace unprecedented.”

Increasing Public Health Testing Capacity Exponentially

Increasing Public Health Testing Capacity Exponentially

Our clients have increased their public health testing ten-fold in a matter of weeks through our exclusive COVIDLiMS solution.

Contact us today to extend your sample collection, testing, reporting and trending data management needs to meet the unprecedented public health challenges we face.

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