Cloud-Based Physician Portal

• Speedy and Accurate Sample Submission
• Quick TAT and Reporting
• Documented, Quality-Based Issue Management

What is myLabCare?

MyLabCare is the LabLynx HIPAA-compliant, cloud-hosted physician portal to the laboratory. It’s part of our overall complete COVIDLiMS information management solution for maximum accuracy and speed in testing, especially in public health or contagious disease testing. MyLabCare is available 24/7 for ease of sample registration and reporting.

What is myLabCare?

How It Works

Samplers use the C-SiC field kit to gather patient and sample information, register it to the system’s HIPAA-compliant cloud database and generate a barcoded sample label - all at point of collection, so the potential for transcription error, mixups etc. is minimized or eliminated. Find out more about the C-SiC kit here.

The physician web portal is also connected to the cloud database so that all registrations and their status can be viewed by authorized users at any time. You also have the option to manually register samples directly through myLabCare.

Getting Alerted

Submitters can be alerted to any issues with the sample found by the lab through the myLabCare portal, and similarly, any special instructions or comments can be added to a registration by the submitter. Keep a check on the sample’s status as it makes its way through the lab workflow. Once testing is complete, the report is instantly made available on myLabCare.

myLabCare Portal Getting Alerted
MyLabCare Getting Results

Getting Results

MyLabCare retains all patient and sample history, so physicians or their designated staff can quickly and easily recall a specific set of results, or complete history, for any patient by time period or other criteria.

Integrated, Accurate, Rapid, Reliable, Affordable

The myLabCare web portal for physicians and laboratories is also available separately, for integration into existing systems. Just contact us and find out how it can streamline and improve your sample handling, issue management and reporting.

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