Introducing COVIDLiMS From LabLynx

The world’s first LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) dedicated specifically to COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

Unprecedented Go-Live in less than a week!

Rapid Deploy LiMS

Introducing COVIDLiMS, from LabLynx, the world’s first rapid-deploy LIMS specifically designed for COVID-19 and other novel infectious disease laboratory diagnostics. Rapid deploy means you can be receiving samples, testing and reporting in less than a week – an unprecedented breakthrough in full-featured, regulatory-compliant LIMS!

COVID – Laboratory Information Management System
COVID – Laboratory Information Management System

Is Your Lab Prepared?

The current pandemic has exposed the areas where vulnerabilities in preparedness in the public and private health systems can mean loss of time in reacting – which can also cost lives. COVIDLiMS gives labs – even labs who currently do everything in paper and spreadsheets – the ability to immediately process large numbers of samples using brand new methods and protocols. It comes pre-loaded with appropriate assays and workflows and, importantly, it gives you the ability to add any additional methods any time you need to – quickly and easily, so you are always up to date in what are often rapidly-changing circumstances.

Supporting All Molecular Diagnostics

COVIDLiMS supports all molecular diagnostics processes like extraction, PCR, test chaining and more, as well as microbiology and any other types of testing you need to do. You can enter data manually or it can interface with your instruments directly. It comes with an optional web portal, making it easy for physicians to submit their samples and view results. COVIDLiMS automatically assigns unique IDs to everything, which can be managed with barcoded labels quickly and error-free. It’s fully compliant with HIPAA, CLIA and helps you meet all public health directives, regulations and reporting requirements.

COVID – Laboratory Information Management System
COVID – Laboratory Information Management System

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Whether you already have a LIMS or LIS or not, COVIDLiMS is the quick response to sudden testing demands and works alongside or within your current framework. Find out how to get started for free by contacting LabLynx today. ©2020. All Rights Reserved by LabLynx, Inc. Terms of Use | Privacy Statement

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