Your Simple, HIPAA-Compliant Patient Portal for COVID Testing and More

• Works With the Full LabLynx COVIDLiMS Solution Suite
• Can Be Deployed Independently
• Simple to Use
• Quick to Set Up

What is

The LabLynx Patient Portal is the perfect answer for getting test results to patients, especially in high-throughput scenarios like epidemics or pandemics. Suitable for public health systems or independent labs, it’s quick to deploy and easy for patients to use.

Built using the same technology as our HIPAA-compliant physician portal, it is specifically engineered to avoid time-consuming manual approval and setup of each new user, so that precious time and resources need not be diverted. Patients self-register, receive a barcoded “ticket” that is presented and scanned during sample collection, and receive their result automatically via the portal. Transcription errors are eliminated, and samples are associated with the patient at point of collection (POC) using the SIC kit. All resting and in-transit data are encrypted, ensuring full HIPAA compliance.

What is

How It Works

Patients can be employees, students, council or board members, government representatives – anyone in any kind of organization. Testing may be done by CLIA or CLIA-waived labs, with sample collection and transport done by either qualified lab personnel, independent hires or through physicians or medical groups.
  1. Patient navigates to the lab’s unique site (e.g. and creates an account using OpenSocial. Patient logs in and enters required information into online form.
  1. Patient information is saved on secure dedicated database. Patient receives email with QR coded "ticket" for sample collection event, which they can print or display on their phone or mobile device.
  1. Patient attends scheduled sampling event, ticket QR code is scanned using LabLynx SIC (Sample Information Collection) kit and information verified. The SIC kit prints a barcoded label, which is affixed to sample at POC (Point of Collection).
  1. Sample is transported to lab. Lab scans sample label and accessions sample for testing. Laboratory LIMS accesses data as needed for processing.
  1. Once result is ready, report is sent to database and made available to patient. The patient is notified via normal email that their result is ready, and they log into to view/download result report.

The whole LabLynx COVIDLiMS Solution Suite is designed to let labs offer complete services to businesses, agencies and any organizations such as care facilities/nursing homes, churches, local councils, other government bodies, educational facilities (colleges, schools) and in fact any entity concerned with pathogen testing, especially during an epidemic or pandemic such as COVID-19.

Account Signup: OpenSocial

The use of LabLynx’s exclusive SSO (Single Sign-On) OpenSocial authentication service ensures easy and secure login – not only to the site, but to any and all other modules, apps or resources that may be added – without having to manage multiple passwords. Importantly, patients can log in using their own existing social media accounts with which they are familiar and comfortable, or create a new one. opensocial

Sign On/Sign Up With OpenSocial Authentication Service Patient Portal:
Submitting a Test Request

Once logged in to the portal, the patient is presented with a custom form specific to your lab’s requirements, which serves as both a screening tool (if required or desired) and test request form. The system assigns a unique ID to the patient, which is then used as a key for retrieving their information any time the related barcode is scanned, and also for linking their results report and any communications.

The patient fills in all required information, agrees to terms and accuracy of the information they enter via electronic signature, then clicks the SUBMIT button. The information is then saved on the database and accessible to the lab’s LIMS via API.

Sample Collection Setup:
Confirmation, Barcoded Ticket

Upon submission of the test request, an algorithm assigns the testing date and time based on the patient’s choices and current availability (if manual scheduling is preferred, this automation may be excluded), and a confirmation email is sent to the email address they entered. The confirmation email contains a QR code, which will be scanned during the sample collection event to confirm the patient’s identity and details. The patient presents the QR code either by displaying the email or saved QR-coded "ticket" on their cell phone, or by printing it and bringing the printed QR-coded ticket to the collection point.

Sample Collection Setup: Confirmation, Barcoded Ticket
Sample Collection Setup: Labeling and Lab Accessioning

Sample Collection Setup:
Labeling and Lab Accessioning

At the sample collection point a designated SIC (Sample Information Collection) staff member scans the QR-coded ticket and confirms patient identity and other details. The staff member may or may not be the sample collector. In any case, the SIC staff member uses the LabLynx SIC kit to scan the QR code and print a barcoded sample label, which is affixed to the sample container.

The sample is transported to the lab, where lab personnel scan the sample label to bring up the test request, which is then accessioned. Normal lab testing processes take place. Patient Portal:
Receiving the Result Report

Triggered either manually by lab staff or automatically upon sample completion, the patient receives an email at the email address entered during registration in step 1, letting them know their result report is ready, and giving them the URL to access it. The patient logs in there using the same login as before, and the portal displays their communications. Patient Portal: Receiving the Result Report ©2020. All Rights Reserved by LabLynx, Inc. Terms of Use | Privacy Statement

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