ELab: The LiMS and Database at The Core of Lablynx’s COVIDLiMS Solution

The world’s first LiMS (Laboratory Information Management System) dedicated specifically to COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

Unprecedented Go-Live Within 1-3 Weeks!

COVIDLiMS pre-configured ELab LiMS is Key to Managing a Pandemic

COVIDLiMS is a complete solution and central to that solution is our world-class ELab LiMS – pre-configured with SARS-CoV-2 assay methods, but ready to expand to any other types of testing. It’s the quick-response answer for labs: whenever any new infectious disease appears, simply add the assays you need yourself and begin testing immediately. In fact, COVIDLiMS supports absolutely any type of testing at all and comes with a host of general features to fully manage your laboratory data – safely, securely, and reliably – no matter how your business grows.

COVID – Laboratory Information Management System
rapid deploy lims

Rapid Deploy LiMS

The entire COVIDLiMS Solution Suite, from LabLynx, includes the world’s first rapid-deploy LiMS specifically designed for COVID-19 and other novel infectious disease laboratory diagnostics. Rapid deploy means you can be receiving samples, testing and reporting within 1-3 weeks – an unprecedented breakthrough in full-featured, regulatory-compliant LiMS!

Supporting All Molecular Diagnostics

ELab’s COVIDLiMS edition supports all molecular diagnostics processes like extraction, PCR, test chaining and more, as well as microbiology and any other types of testing you need to do. You can enter data manually or it can interface with your instruments directly. It comes with an optional physician web portal (myLabCare), making it easy for physicians to submit their samples and view results. COVIDLiMS automatically assigns unique IDs to everything, which can be managed with barcoded labels quickly and error-free. It’s fully compliant with HIPAA, CLIA and helps you meet all public health directives, regulations and reporting requirements.

Supporting All Molecular Diagnostics
ELab Features

Features Include:

  • Unique IDs for samples
  • Barcoded labels and scanning capability
  • Pre-loaded assays and workflows
  • Flexible, easily-configured new assays and workflows. Adaptable.
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant access and data management
  • Audit trail
  • Results approval
  • Out-of-range flagging, positive flagging
  • Set values to report as pos/neg
  • Reflexive testing
  • Supports NGS, PCR-based workflows, genomics/MolDx
  • Reduces or eliminates missed or incorrect process step errors
  • Results Report approval
  • State public health department reporting
  • Interfaces with instruments, EHRs, etc.
  • Integrated client web portal
  • Can be live and operational within 1-3 weeks
  • Training provided
  • Fully supported
  • Preferably cloud-based for ease of maintenance, access, with full data protection and security

Is Your Lab Prepared?

The current pandemic has exposed the areas where vulnerabilities in preparedness in the public and private health systems can mean loss of time in reacting – which can also cost lives. COVIDLiMS gives labs – even labs who currently do everything in paper and spreadsheets – the ability to immediately process large numbers of samples using brand new methods and protocols. It comes pre-loaded with appropriate assays and workflows and, importantly, it gives you the ability to add any additional methods any time you need to – quickly and easily, so you are always up to date in what are often rapidly-changing circumstances.

If your laboratory or health care organization isn’t equipped to manage all the data points precisely, and handle the volume generated by outbreaks such as the novel coronavirus, business - and even lives - can be at stake.

COVID – Laboratory Information Management System
ELab LiMS on Landing Page – Updated

MyLabCare is the LabLynx HIPAA-compliant, cloud-hosted physician portal to the laboratory. It’s part of our overall complete COVIDLiMS information management solution for maximum accuracy and speed in testing, especially in public health or contagious disease testing.

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The C-SIC Kit (Covid Sample Information Collection Kit) is designed specifically for swift, easy, and accurate sample information management during field sample collection for COVID-19 testing.

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LabVia intelligently manages multiple data communications between all kinds of devices, services, systems, or other sources.

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When you get COVIDLiMS, you also become a member of the LiMSforum Pandemic Laboratory Testing Community Network group. In this community, you can share information, resources, and experience with other lab professionals dealing with the current pandemic.

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myLabLynx is the LabLynx customer portal help desk and ticket management system that collects and tracks all customer support interactions.

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ELab is a complete system for managing all aspects of sample collection, testing, reporting and analysis data for scenarios like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVIDLiMS Manages All Laboratory Information

The central component of COVIDLiMS is the ELab Laboratory Information Management System, or LiMS, COVIDLiMS Edition, which manages all laboratory information. Its cloud database powers the entire solution. The other components are the SICkit sample information collection kit, myLabLynx issue management and support portal, myLabCare health provider portal, LIMSforum community social media site, and exclusive LabVia integrating tool - all sitting on LabLynx’s advanced Next Generation Informatics platform, sciCloud.net. Your COVIDLiMS solution will be tailored to your exact situation, using all or part of these powerful components. And all inside 1-3 weeks!

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