The COMPLETE Program to Screen and Monitor Staff for SAFE Operations!

  • Test 1000s in Hours
  • Minimize/Eliminate Errors
  • Quick Results – in Minutes, Not Days
  • Meet All Reporting Requirements
  • Identify, Quarantine, Monitor
  • Roll Out in 1-3 Weeks
  • Maintain Monitoring Indefinitely

Labs - Now you can manage your COVID testing data effectively - AND offer clients a complete registration-to-reporting solution!


COVIDLiMS for Employee Screening

Need a full, reliable coronavirus testing program to manage risk?

COVIDLiMS manages all employee data and testing metrics, ensures privacy and minimizes errors. Now you can get results in minutes instead of days, making your screening system effective.

  • Screen Staff Daily or Weekly
  • Manage All Results Data Securely and Instantly

Restore Confidence


Resume Operations


Regain Control


Reduce Risk



COVIDLiMS for Workplace Testing

Employers are desperate to do whatever it takes to provide safe environments for their workers and for customers so they can avoid closing their doors for good. Now you can help!

COVIDLiMS from LabLynx is a Complete, Plug-In Registration-to-Reporting system you can offer your clients NOW. It interfaces seamlessly with your own instruments and systems to manage all patient and sample data with maximum efficiency - improving Turnaround Time so screening testing demands can be successfully met!

  • Complete cloud-based LIMS/LIS
  • No Handwritten Paper!
  • Barcoded Labels - Print at POC
  • Physician Web Portal
  • PoCT Data Collection Kit
  • Patient Web Portal
  • Full Support & Additional Resources
  • Implement in 1-3 Weeks!

Our Professionals Will Work Together With You to Design and
Deploy a Complete Screening and Monitoring Program

Secure, cloud-based data storage and management.

Works Together With Your HR System

Manage Testing Schedules and Data

Handles All CDC and State Required Reporting

Customer Testimonial

You don’t have to take it from us. Our COVIDLiMS customers have nothing but great things to say:

“We were live in 2 weeks.”

“LabLynx are such great people to work with!” “Trustworthy.”

“The level and pace of transformation is unprecedented. Together we are making history!”

“We processed 10,000 people in 8 days. At the moment we’re doing 1200 tests an hour…up to 50,000 tests a week.”

Roll Out the System in Weeks, Monitor Safety for Years

COVIDLiMS for Employee Screening

Whether you are currently doing SARS-CoV-2 testing or not, you can ramp up to high-throughput processing in days with COVIDLiMS.

Install a complete testing program within weeks and regain control of your path to normal operations.

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