COVIDLiMS for Clinics and POLs

The COMPLETE Solution from PoC to Reporting and Analytics

COVIDLiMS for Clinics & POLs Ensures All Test and Patient Data Are Error-free, From Sample Collection to Reporting.

Barcoded Specimen Label

Barcoded Specimen Label

Automatically print out specimen label.
Scan label when testing to associate patient and results, eliminating mix-ups.

Keep Results Data Safe

Keep Results Data Safe

COVIDLiMS’ HIPAA-compliant database lets you securely store and retrieve patient and test data any time – and generate all reports.

Deploy in 1-3 Weeks

Deploy in 1-3 Weeks

Unprecedented fast rollout means you can manage high throughput collection, testing and reporting right away, increasing productivity several-fold.

Partner With Organization Screening Programs

Businesses, schools, churches, local government and organizations of every kind need CLIA-certified healthcare professionals to help them with COVID screening programs. COVIDLiMS lets you handle the numbers and turnaround time they demand, so you can extend your services.

Partner with Organization Screening Programs

Customer Testimonial

Our COVID-19 testing clients have nothing but great things to say about our exclusive COVIDLiMS Solution:

“LabLynx are such great people to work with!” “Trustworthy”

Clinics and POLs

“We were right away turning around 200 tests every 5 hours.”

Clinics and POLs

“We were live in 2 weeks.”

Clinics and POLs

Your Ticket to Join the Fight Against SARS-CoV-2

Your ticket to join the fight against SARS-CoV-2

Whether you are a clinic, a Physician Office Lab, tox lab or related CLIA or CLIA-waived entity, you can ramp up to high-throughput COVID-19 testing in days with COVIDLiMS.

Support a business, school or other organization screening program, or just serve your patients better with COVIDLiMS.

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