COVID SIC Kit Ensures Accurate and Speedy Sample Information Collection

Identity Verification, Barcoded labeling at Point of Testing

What is the C-SIC Kit?

The C-SIC Kit (Covid Sample Information Collection Kit) is designed specifically for swift, easy, and accurate sample information management during field sample collection for COVID-19 testing. The C-SIC Kit is used in conjunction with a specimen collection kit to ensure correct information handling all the way to the lab (specimen collection kit not included). It is not a sample collection kit, but, rather, a tool to ensure correct data handling and association with the sample. Studies show up to 68% of results errors are pre-analytical. C-SIC Kit employs simple, reliable hardware and state-of-the-art software to minimize or eliminate data and mix-up errors during sample collection and transport.

Not only does the C-SIC Kit allow you to enter patient and sample data (registration) into a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud database, but it also can scan drivers licenses and other ID directly, to further eliminate error. It then prints out a barcoded sample label for each sample to attach in real-time at the time of collection. Existing patients’ information pre-populates the registration form so that only the new sample need be entered.

When samples reach the lab, their labels are simply scanned, and the order is called up and accessioned quickly and easily - and accurately!

COVID Sample Information Collection (C-SIC) Kit
COVID Sample Information Collection (C-SIC) Kit

How Does It Work?

MyLabCare is the system’s physician portal, with a patient portal also available free to patients and businesses. The C-SIC Kit is a field kit complete with tablet/mobile software and mini scanner and printer for collecting and handling samples. Partnered labs use COVIDLiMS (or another LIMS), portals, kits and optional interfacing software to manage all of their customers’ COVID-19 or other health-related data, taking the burden completely off the business/organization. And the system is cloud-based, making it securely accessible from anywhere and available 24/7. The solution is quickly implemented and inexpensive, designed to protect your people and your business or organization indefinitely.

What is Included in the C-SIC Kit?

The C-SIC Kit contains a tablet and handy portable barcode label printer, along with rechargeable batteries and power supplies, all packed securely in a rugged carrying case. The printer has a belt clip for easy portability. The tablet is loaded with Windows OS and barcode scanning capability and connects to any wifi Internet access to communicate with the lab’s powerful COVIDLiMS application and secure, HIPAA-compliant database.

COVID Sample Information Collection (C-SIC) Kit
COVID Sample Information Collection (C-SIC) Kit

Price Per Kit: $2500/year

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